Bbira Vocational Training COLLEGE


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I am esteemed to count on you in making your choice of studying at Bbira Vocational Training College to be the best experience in every step you take on your academic and scholarly journey. We are committed to supporting and guiding you on account of that choice.

Bbira Vocational Training College was established in October 1992 is affiliated to Church of Uganda – Directorate of Household and Community Transformation (formerly Planning, Development and Rehabilitation Department – PDR). It is a specialized and inclusive institution training youths in Vocational and Technical skills, to enable them set up and manage their own employment, or generate activities through acquired skills for sustainable livelihood and socioeconomic development.

It stands for academic and professional excellence. We invite applicants at the following levels: UCPC, National Certificate, Diploma, programmes which are conducted in department. Our intakes are open throughout the year:

For those who are continuing with your studies we are happy to have you in our community. Make the best of your time Bbira Vocational Training College. Maximize your potential and steadily keep on your pathway to graduation. For those who would like to join the College we invite you and encourage you to put to full use all the opportunities that the University gives you.

The University offers a number of programmes, initiatives, and services which will shape your career choice and the professionalism that will prepare you for the limitless openings in life.

We shall support and guide you during your time at the Bbira Vocational Training College