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Admission Process

Step One

Pick your original results slip from your former school

Step Two

Visit the Principal’s office, The Dean’s office, Administrative assistant’s office at the Institute for guidance on available programs or our Website

Step Three

Obtain an Application form free of charge and attach all the academic qualifications from the former school

Step Four

Pay the Admission of 25,000 (fifteen thousand) to the Bursar’s office and get a RECEIPT

Step Five

Present the Receipt to the Principal or any other Officer shown to you by the Administrative Assistant and get admitted

Step Six

Carefully fill all the forms you’re issued with and make payment to bank using the Institute bank slip

Step Seven

Return all admission documents plus your academic credentials on the reporting day

Our Programs

Diploma Programs

Admission to any Diploma program requires at least one Principal Pass in a relevant subject at A-Level (Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examinations) and one subsidiary pass OR Possession of O-level Certificate and a relevant certificate from a recognized tertiary institution.

National Certificate Programs

Admission to any National certificate course is conditional to at least three (3) passes in relevant subjects at O-Level (Uganda Certificate of Education Examinations) or its equivalent of Uganda Community Polytechnic Certificate (UCPC) or Uganda Junior Technical Certificate (UJTC)- students are free to sit for either Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Boards (UBTEB) or Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework (UVQF) Level I- IV

Short Courses

These are offered in a space of one (1) to four (4) months to all those interested in acquiring practical skills in a particular field. These courses do not necessarily require prior academic background since they are 100% practical.

Registration Procedures

Each applicant must fill the application form and a letter of admission is issued to those who qualify for courses applied for. Once admitted, every student must report to the Institute and register within the first three weeks of the Term upon presentation of original academic documents and evidence of fees payment.

Training program

National Certificate Courses

A two–year program leading to the award of Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board Certificate

Advanced Craft Certificate

A one-year program leading to the award of Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) Craft Certificate part II and III; provides progression for holders of the above qualification and prepares them for a diploma course.

Junior training

A three-year program leading to the award of Uganda Community Polytechnic Certificate (UCPC) by Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB); the holders of this certificate can progress to the National Certificate in their areas of specialization

Basic skills training

A one to three-year program providing trainees with mainly practical trade skills; they are prepared for the exam leading to D.I.T (Directorate of Industrial Training) Modular examinations.

Short-term community trainings

All our courses have short course programs on request and the admissions are open, we also have Driving school and Computer application short programs to benefit the community.

General subjects for all trainees


All trainees are trained in computer skills.


All trainees gain the skills necessary to start and operate their own businesses


All Catering students

Life skills

All trainees gain the skills in communication


Trainees learn how to communicate effectively using English within the business world Trainees are also regularly sensitized about health issues, gender equality, moral values, etc.

Co-curriculum activities

Sports and games

Football, volleyball, netball and board games.

Music, dance and drama

School choir, church singing, performances at school public events.

TV and DVD

Available for educational purposes as well as for leisure activities.


Trainees learn to make handicrafts from local materials.


Interested trainees are engaged in farming in Gods way.


Trainees have free access to a well-equipped public library with novels, technical books, past papers, etc.

Entry requirements

Uganda Community Polytechnic Certificate (UCPC)

Successfully passed P.L.E.

National Certificate

“O” level Certificate or Uganda Community Polytechnic Certificate (UCPC)

Advanced Craft level

UBTEB Craft Certificate part I (EI part II)

Basic skills and Community courses & DIT


Application procedure

Application forms are available at the Institute and should be filled in and returned to the office. Academic year starts in February; therefore, applications for all courses (apart from the short-term community training) need to be submitted in January.

Apply Now

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