Bbira Vocational Training COLLEGE


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Technical Department/Engineering Department

National Certificate in Automotive Mechanics

National Certificate in Plumbing

National Certificate in Building Construction

National certificate in Electrical Installation, Systems and Maintenance

National Certificate in Wood Work Technology

National certificate in Welding and Metal Fabrication

Department of Communication and Education

National certificate in secretarial and office management

National certificate in computer science

Department of Hotel and tourism

National certificate in tourism and hotel management

National certificate catering and Hotel management

Certificate in catering of Hotel management level I ,II & III

Department of Art and Design

National certificate in Hair dressing

National certificate in cosmetology of Beauty

Certificate in Hair dressing

Certificate in Tailoring and cutting garments

Department of Business studies

National certificate in Business management

National certificate in accountancy

All Certificate courses take a minimum of 2 years examinable by Ugandan Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB)

Department of Business studies

Certificate in Knitting

Certificate in Baking

Certificate in Jacket making

Certificate in computer Application

Certificate in Shampoo and Liquid soap making

Certificate in Plumbing fittings

Certificate in motorcycle repair

Food production

Certificate in welding

Certificate in Elementary mechanics and Driving Techniques

Examinable by Directorate of Industrial Training under Modular Assessment

Duration 1 – 4 months Training hands on skills.

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