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What is a term?

A term is a study period lasting for 3 months and it is applicable to students who offer Building and Concrete Practice (BCP), Certificate in Electrical Installation (EI), Certificate in Motor Vehicle Technology (MVT), Certificate in Plumbing (PL), and Certificate in Tailoring and Garment Construction (TGC), Woodwork Technology(WT), Catering and Hotel Management(CHM), Beauty and Therapy(Hairdressing).

How many terms are in Academic Year?

There are three (3) terms in Academic Year

What is a semester

A semester is a study period lasting for 17 weeks and it is applicable to students who offer Diploma and Certificate programs excluding BCP, EIB, MVT, CPB, CTGC

How many Semesters are in Academic Year?

There are two (2) Semester in Academic Year and each semester contains four months.

External exams

All exams set by the National Examining Bodies e.g Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) and  Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT)

How many intake does BVTC have every Academic Year?

There are two (2) intakes in Academic Year i.e March intake whose admissions start in January every year, and August Intake whose Admissions start in April every Year

What are the entry requirements?

  • Diploma: At least One (1) Principal Pass and two subsidiaries at A-level (UACE Exams) or a relevant certificate from recognized Institution.
  • Certificate: At least Three (3) passes at O-Level (UCE Exams)
  • Junior Certificate: At least PLE Certificate
  • Non-Formal Training: No academic qualification required

Where is the Institute located?

The Institute is located at Kakeeka Mengo near Super FM off Wakaliga Road, Kampala.

Are there Institute branches?

No. There is currently no branch. All programs are offered at the Institute Campus, Bbira Nakabugo along Mityana road.

Can one sit for only one set of exams to get BVTC award?

It is a MUST for all BVTC students to sit for internal exams that are set by the Institute Examinations Council while external exams are optional.

What is the duration of programs at BVTC?

All programs are offered on a two-year basis apart from the non-formal training course.

How many training sessions does BVTC have?

There are three (3) training sessions i.e Day, Evening and Weekend

What is tuition

This is the basic amount of money a student pays according to the program offered excluding money for other requirements.

What is functional fee?

Any other money paid to cater for requirements e.g ID, Guild fee, Development fee, etc

Does BVTC offer national exams?

Yes. We offer UBTEB and DIT 

When does the Institute open for office?

The Institute opens Mon – Friday at 8:00am – 5:30pm and Saturday from 9:00am – 2:00pm

When does the Institute open for lectures?

The Institute opens Mon – Sunday at 7:30am – 9:00pm


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